About Centre

As the biggest, and the optimal environment of modern sports stadiums in Suzhou , Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre is the major livelihood projects to improve Regional public sports service in Suzhou Industrial Park. The project includes a stadium, a natatorium, and a sports field, as well as service supporting facilitiesincluding 65,000 square meters commercial centre and a hotel.It is a multi-functional and ecological first class sports Centre integrating sports competition, leisure, fitness, commercial entertainment and art performance. International individual competitions and domestic comprehensive sports events can be held in it, which is another landmark architectural complex of beautiful and livable Suzhou.


The gross area is 47 thousand square meters, and the design standard of auditorium is around 3000 seats (1800 permanent seats). In the natatorium, there is a competition pool (50 meters * 25 meters * 3 meters) and a training pool (50 meters * 25 meters * 2 meters) built in accordance with FINA standards, the 800 square meters’ paddling area for children, and 3000 square meters’ moveable paddling play pool. Additionally, there is a national fitness center in the natatorium. 

Olympic Sports Park

With a beautiful environment, the park including a central fitness plaza, 3000 square meters’ amusement park for children, 3.5 kilometers’ jogging track, 2.7 kilometers’ bikeway and 2000 square meters’ fitness way is open to citizens.

Commercial Plaza

The 10 square meters’ Olympic Sports Centre Shopping Plaza is the first sport commercial complex in our country, which is life + positioned, and dedicated to creating a leisure and recreation experience center integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and experience.